FAQ’s for Tele-Rehab Physiotherapy

What do I wear?

Just like you would in a regular physiotherapy clinical setting. You will be required to wear shorts and a t-shirt so the therapist can get a better view to analyze your posture and body movements.

What do I need?

You will require a device in which you can communicate via video and audio so I smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer will be needed with video and microphone capabilities.

How do I connect to my Physiotherapist?

An email link with instructions will be provided once you book an appointment through Concept of Movement. It will include a confirmation of time and date in which your teleconference appointment as well provide you with a link to access your new PhysiApp profile. Creating this profile is how you will have access to your calls and exercises provided by the therapist.

Where should I do this?

We recommend you have your Physiotherapy session in a quiet room that has sufficient space to move around, and ability to get up and down off the floor. Also please have a stable chair to sit on and if you have equipment such as exercise balls, foam rollers or elastic bands those would also be helpful when it comes time to select your correct of exercises and movement therapy protocols. 

How long is my appointment?

Your initial assessment will range between 45 minutes and follow up appointments are 20 minutes in duration one on one with your physiotherapy.

How do I pay?

When booking your initial tele-rehab appointment, you will be required to provide a valid credit card number. Payments will be processed after you have completed your session and your invoice will be sent through email.

How do I book my tele-rehab appointment?

For new assessments or on-going treatment plans we can help! Call the clinic to book your appointment (705) 728-9333, our current phone hours are restricted due to COVID-19 from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.