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Chloé Irish , Reg. Physiotherapist

• Masters of Science in Physical Therapy
• Bachelor of Physical and Health Education (Honours)
• Post-Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Recreation (Honours)
• Acupuncture rostered

Chloé completed her Bachelor of Physical and Health Education at Queen’s University in 2011.
While at Queen’s, her passion for health and fitness continued to grow and she became a
personal trainer for adults with physical disabilities. She then went on to become a Recreation
Therapist, before returning back to Queen’s to complete her Masters of Physical Therapy in
As a physiotherapist, Chloé has experience treating a wide variety of orthopedic conditions and
injuries. She has gained valuable insight into post-operative rehab and recovery while treating
alongside orthopedic surgeons in both hospital and clinic settings. She also gained sport physio
expertise while working as the on-field and in-house physiotherapist with Trent University
varsity athletes.
Chloé focuses her treatment on manual therapy, patient education and tailored exercise
prescription. Her treatment plans aim to eliminate current symptoms, while also targeting the
root of the cause to prevent recurrence. Most importantly, Chloé strives to always provide
patient-centered care. Whether you would like to move better, eliminate pain or optimize
performance, she can work with you to help you achieve your individualized goals.
Outside of the clinic, Chloé maintains an active lifestyle through running, cycling, hockey and
ultimate frisbee, and loves to enjoy the outdoors through hiking with her young family.