Patient Testimonials

  • Concept of Movement was highly recommended to me, by many coworkers, in a physically demanding job. Many raving about the wonderful staff, their knowledge, team work, and top notch gym. They continue to rise to the challenge. Approximately 10 days post-op the pandemic hit and the state of emergency was declared. Forcing all businesses to shut their doors. Fearful it would delay my recovery, with no ability to continue therapy after my surgery. Concept provided a seamless transition to Virtual Therapy immediately following the Covid-19 shut down. Tom, Dax and Kevin have continued to provide me with the therapy and movement I need to have a 100% recovery from ACL surgery all from the comfort of my home. They adapted my therapy to using the equipment I have in my home. Entertained and laughed with my two young children who occasionally popped in to say ‘Hi’. My progression in therapy never felt like it stopped, even though the rest of world had. I can’t wait to return to in person appointments and see all the amazing staff at Concept. Knowing there always thinking of their patients first, I would highly recommend Concept of Movement to everyone.

    Amanda Trebble

  • Best place in Barrie 😉

    Stephanie H.


    Nina K.

  • These people are great!!!!

    Tom T.

  • I don’t like physiotherapists but Tom Swales and his team are awesome and have changed my mind!

    Dee D.

  • I have been to many physio/rehab/sports med clinics over the years, and since being under the expert care of Tom Swales following a car accident several years ago, there is nowhere else I go nor anyone else I recommend to my friends, family and even my doctors lol. Wonderful facility, and you’re doing yourself a favour getting your treatment there.

    Kim G.

  • Greeted with smiles, very professional and great atmosphere, had great care from the Physiotherapists there made me feel at ease and really listened and helped me, I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for good physiotherapy.

    Ryan D.

  • Masters at work in this converted garage that will get you moving again.

    Marc H.

  • I had constant, chronic back pain for 4 1/2 years and was spending a lot of money on my back seeing a chiropractor, laser therapy, an osteopath and massage therapy on a regular basis. Diagnosis was from sciatica to Degenerative Disc Disease which would end with me in a wheelchair. My condition was getting worse when I learned about Tom Swales who very persistently worked with me until now I am seeing him every 4 weeks! Tom knows his stuff and if he doesn’t, he keeps working until he finds the answer.

    Ann C.

  • If you want to reach your Olympic dreams or you are struggling and in need of answers to get back to functioning at your full capacity, Concept can get you there. If you want a clear understanding and knowledge base to maintain or excel your full range of motion and strength, again, I highly recommend Concept for you. Even for those days of reaching the tipping point of your frustrations or dealing with your raw vulnerabilities through injury and repair, they are there for you through their sincere caring, professionalism, and non-judgment. Concept’s entire team is 100% invested in helping you attain YOUR best YOU, as I have learned from my personal experiences. Thanks to you all!

    Rhonda M.

  • I suffered a brutal lower back injury out west, and had 0 results getting any better through physios in Calgary and one here in Barrie. It was recommended to me to see Tom. After only a few weeks of corrective movements and slowly strengthening related muscles, Toms therapies solved my lower back problems. To this day I utilize his philosophies in and out of the gym to prevent my injuries from reoccurring. Whenever I hurt, I see Tom and the team at Concept of Movement!

    Max L.

  • I have been a client of Concept Of Movement from their opening day and have never been disappointed. If I continue doing the stretches I have been told I feel amazing:) When I don’t follow thru on the recommendations, I notice the difference.

    Dino M.

  • Outstanding service by the most knowledgeable staff!

    Brad K.

  • Natalie was thorough in her evaluation of my it band issue and has made a huge difference in my road to recovery. Very professional and excellent at what she does.

    Keith W.

  • The entire Staff at Concept of Movement, from the Admin. Staff to the Trainers to the Physiotherapists are very caring, well trained Professionals. It’s the best Physiotherapy Clinic in Town.

    Joanne R.

  • Jen Mundy is a fantastic RMT!

    Roxanne C.

  • Tom Swales and his excellent staff at Concept of Movement right away make you feel right at home. Everyone is very genuine, out going, and easy to get a long with. Tom is a true professional and is probably the smartest person I have ever met in his field of study. Tom relays his knowledge and expertise to his staff which makes Concept of Movement a no brainer. Whether you have to rehab an injury, are looking to get in shape, or are training for a specific occupation…Tom and his team know exactly what to do…to help you achieve your goals. Concept of Movement has definitely helped me reach my goals and every day I go back they continue to impress. To get the best of what you need, you must go see Tom and his team at Concept of Movement. You will not regret it.

    Zach N.

  • I see Matt (strength coach) regularly, he really listens and takes his time with you. I see Briana and Tom for Physio and they really have helped me with all of my injury’s. Friendly Staff all around, the reception is really nice and helpful and the massage therapist is awesome as well. Highly recommend!!

    Samantha Eeles

  • Love this place. They have helped me get back to being pain free and are helping me now build strength. Highly recommend.

    Jen M.

  • Tom Swales’ skill set rivals the best in the country. If you are a competitive athlete you owe it to yourself to add him to your team. He is top-notch at making adjustments to ensure you’ll be able to play the next game or practice. However, where he truly succeeds is changing and teaching movement patterns, and strengthening muscles you’ve never even thought about. He develops a custom approach to your treatment, taking you through the necessary progressions to reach your goals. If you are serious about injury prevention, athletic improvement or living a healthy pain free life I highly recommend Tom (and have several times). If you religiously follow Tom’s treatment plan you will be astonished with the results you’ll experience. Tom is a true asset to the athletic community.

    Honeywood T.

  • Natalie Ornella is awesome! I had a bad foot injury this fall while on vacation and was left with a lot of soft tissue damage. We were referred to COM on the advice of one of my husband’s co-workers who was very impressed with his treatment. Natalie was thorough, checking the foot, finding where the issues were and getting them resolved. Over the weeks of seeing her, she systematically figured out and treated the areas of concern, assigned exercises to do on my own, explaining everything that she was doing and why. Her knowledge and friendly manor are definitely an asset to the team. Thanks Natalie for everything! I’ll miss being your “very interesting case”. 🙂

    Debbie D.

  • I would describe my self as a ‘casual athlete’ playing a few different sports for fun during my 9-5 job. I first went to Concept of Movement after I broke my ankle in hockey. They helped me get back to my active lifestyle with physiotherapy, acupuncture treatments, and strength training. Above all of that, they worked with me teaching me proper techniques and exercises that I can use during my own workouts. I was able to return to my casual athletic life with confidence that I was healthy and not going to reinjure myself.

    The staff there provide excellent service and professionalism and I would highly recommend Concept of Movement to anyone who asks me.

    Thomas B.

  • An amazing team of people who truly pay attention to what you need and help you to become a stronger, better functioning you.

    Justine B.

  • Friendly, fun, family, physio: the staff is amazing and the therapy is even better. Great combos of training, massage, and physio. Great atmosphere and good vibes make for an excellent healing environment.

    Norm S.

  • I found the service of staff to be fantastic. As an alternative to surgery I personally wanted to try physiotherapy. Natalie Ornella was awesome at identifying my problem and prescribing a plan that within weeks had my pain reduced to zero and overall symptoms were at a trivial level. Natalie is thorough and great at explaining each step of progress. The plan left me feeling stronger and more educated about how my body works.

    Paul A.

  • I have never been disappointed with the level of customer service at Concept of Movement. Your treatment is never rushed and is thorough. As a client, you are educated on why you may have an issue and what steps are necessary to heal and move better. Tom was instrumental in rehabbing my shoulder after surgery in 2013. Today it is stronger than it was before the operation.

    Bradford C.

  • Excellent staff, expert physiotherapists – I would highly recommend!

    Leslie M.

  • Tom is very knowledgeable and skilled at fixing problems or enhancing performance. I have been to Tom before he started concept. Highly recommended.


  • Always professional, always accommodating, always friendly, always knowledgeable… best physiotherapists and athletic therapists around!

    Shelley R.

  • My husband and daughter have both been treated at Concept of Movement. My daughter for soccer related injuries and my husband for physio before and after rotator cuff repair surgery. Tom and his staff have been exemplary with the level of care they offer. By far the best physio clinic. Ever!

    Liszz P.

  • Concept of Movement is a top notch clinic. Bruce was able to diagnose and prescribe treatment for longstanding issues and I will certainly be back. The integration of physiotherapy with strength/movement training is an excellent model and I would absolutely recommend Concept to anyone needing treatment, whether they are an athlete or not.

    Nigel M.

  • Very nice people who found the perfect balance between helping you recover and get stronger to also forming a special bond with you.

    Tyler W.

  • The best in the business! Amazing staff who care!

    Peter B.

  • I have been a client of Concept of Movement for many years now , and have seen quite a few different Physiotherapist as well as Strength and Training coaches. All whom were very helpful and knowledgeable. I now see Natalie my Physiotherapist and Chris for Strength and Training we have a great time putting me back in shape. The rest of the staff is very helpful and I strongly recommend them.


  • The staff at Concept of Movement are very professional. Your care is their priority. The facility is modern and very clean. i would highly recommend Concept of Movement.

    Kimberly V.

  • lovely staff, highly skilled therapists and stellar facility

    lesli Q.

  • There should be more than 5 stars offered here. I was sold at my first assessment! Tom is extremely knowledgeable and continues to educate. It is apparent that this is his passion. I have full trust in Tom and I adore his skilled and friendly staff. I have had 20 years of back pain. After my physiotherapy treatments with Tom, I am thrilled to say I am pain-free. Finally!! PS I have the best strength coaches 🙂

    Heidi W.

  • Lisa is a miracle worker. Very knowledgeable (like, incredibly) and passionate about what she does. The rest of the staff are very friendly and professional. I have seen Tom in the past who is also excellent.

    Mike J.

  • These people care. They can help you feel and get better faster. Very knowledgeable.

    Collier G.

  • Best physio in Barrie! Lisa is an amazing physio helped me recover, Chris is the best strength coach and Steph at the front is super friendly and helpful! Highly recommend!

    John P.

  • Extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff, without a doubt the most effective physio I’ve ever been treated with.

    Bruce Martens is fantastic.

    Jesse S.

  • If you’re looking for above and beyond knowledgable service in a friendly welcoming atmosphere this is the place to go. If you need help with recovery from an injury or lack of mobility. I strongly recommend Concept of Movement, they’ve helped me with my recovery and helped me further excel in my sport.

    Johnny K.

  • Jenn is one of the best RMT’s in Barrie, the location is incredibly clean and the staff are always welcoming. Quick responses for booking appointments via email as well. Highly recommend.

    Robyn G.

  • Great atmosphere, great equipment and the best staff. Keep up the great work. I recommend Tom and his team often.

    Ryan M.

  • Really knowledgeable and friendly staff. I highly recommend them. Great experience with physio and massage!

    Ashley H.

  • The physiotherapists at Concept of Movement really know their stuff. They listen to the needs of clients, and treat you very well, educating you about your body and abilities. The trainers in the gym are fun and push you to be your personal best. The ladies who greet you at the front desk are kind and cheerful. I would highly recommend this facility because it is clean, well organized, welcoming, professional and has extra services like massage and acupuncture available as well. Thanks for all the help over the past 3 years to everyone at Concept of Movement!

    Sylvia C.

  • The best clinic around. Love all the staff so professional and highly skilled. Would recommend anyone to go the concept of movement team!


  • Thank you to the entire team at Concept,

    The leadership is inspirational, Tom & Kylee. The facilities are cutting edge. The knowledge is pioneering. The people are caring and genuine in particular Natalie Ornella and Meagan are true super woman !!! The receptionist are always polite and pleasant. The gym, washroom and practice is always impeccably clean and a wonderful place to be. If you want to experience how a service oriented business should be run, this is a fantastic example. Most importantly the physiotherapy knowledge and execution is superb and you would be at a total loss if you visited anywhere else for treatment!!!

    If you have an injury or just want expert routine care and maintenance for you body this is the place you must visit!!!

    Thank you so much to all at Concept, Uvi

    Uvisthra S.

  • The entire staff is extremely welcoming. Concept gives off a warm family feeling, and they are always there to help me when needed. Tom is an extremely knowledgeable physiotherapist who always explains what’s going on with my body. Amazing place, you won’t be disappointed.

    Cory H.

  • It sometimes amazes me that someone with so much knowledge, skill and passion works in Barrie. Tom Swales is awesome at what he does, and moreover, he actually practices what he preaches. He’s likely one of the most fit people in the city. I cannot recommend Concept of Movement enough to those aspiring to make their bodies better. Book an appointment NOW and start improving those nagging injuries that are affecting your life.

    Joe B.

  • Very professional and clean. Super friendly staff. I have actually recommended a few people there as well who all seemed to very happy with the service.

    Ashley S.

  • I’ve never had a better experience in physiotherapy as I’ve had at Concept of Movement. The staff are professional, friendly, upbeat, and informed on the latest research and techniques. I struggled with knee issues for almost 15 years, and had two surgeries in that time and had never improved – until coming here. I’ve been free of knee problems now for 2 years, and was even able to start running! Concept of Movement provides amazing care, and make their clients feel like family. Thank you!

    Laura B.

  • Friendly and professional service that walks that balance between pushing that envelope enough to promote your wellness and yet sensitive to your limits. I’ve enjoyed better physical wellness from their help.

    Gord N.

  • The staff at concepts are all very knowledgeable and professional. They are dedicated to the specific needs of each client and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a physiotherapy clinic.

    Sara M.

  • I highly recommend making an appointment at Concept of Movement for physiotherapy or sports movement improvement. Have visited on numerous occasions with various injuries to back, shoulder, arm, leg. They took the time to explain what the root cause was and gave me an understanding of how to avoid such issues in the future while prescribing effective exercises, stretches and treatments. I am very grateful to have found Concept of Movement as they have not only helped fix my issues, but helped to make my body stronger and resistant to the same injuries in the process. From the moment I walk in the door, to the moment I leave, it is such a welcoming and enjoyable experience. Thanks to all the Concept of Movement staff for great customer service and exceptional results. Because of these great experiences, I am a life long client.

    Kristin L.

  • Tom and his team at Concept of Movement are a professional group who work together to help clients reach their optimum health. I have worked with a physiotherapist, athletic therapist and massage therapist at this clinic and been incredibly pleased with all services and the continual improvement in my body’s physical functioning. I recommend Concept of Movement to all of my colleagues, friends and acquaintances looking for superior health care.

    Sarah A.

  • Amazing staff! Very knowledgeable, and able to simplify everything so anybody can understand. 10/10 would recommend

    Isaiah G.

  • The staff at Concept of Movement are friendly and professional. The facility is clean, modern and well equipped. I appreciate that my appointments are in a private room instead of out in the open where everyone can watch and listen.

    My physiotherapist is Lisa Wilson and she is fantastic!!! I can’t thank her enough! I am enjoying life again. I could barely walk and every step was in pain thanks to OA in both knees. Lisa has a keen eye and was able to pinpoint and correct posture problems that caused the arthritis in the first place.

    We have worked on posture, balance, strength and endurance. Lisa pays close attention to correct form and adjusts the exercises to a difficulty level that I can perform. She has been very encouraging. Physio exercises have made a world of a difference and I am sure they have prolonged the need for joint replacement surgery.

    Phyllis B.

  • Amazing staff from the minute you walk in, to everyone you run into while you are there. The results I have felt in me has boosted my confidence.

    B-rad M.

  • Our whole family has had amazing experience at Concept of Movement!! From the gym to Physiotherapy. They have help heal and train us all!! The team at Concept are very knowledgeable, kind and up to date on all aspect of a healthier you!

    Pamela J.

  • Tom and his staff are the best. Very professional in a relaxed atmosphere. Bruce has been helping me with my torn ligament in my ankle and its feeling alot better.

    Rob R.

  • Very helpful with getting me back to race shape!

    Brent F.

  • Staff are great. I have been a client for over 3 years, due to a chronic condition. I am always greeted personally and it doesn’t matter who I see, I am listened to and made to feel well-treated. I would recommend this clinic to anyone who is truly motivated to be in the best physical health they can be in, regardless of their injuries or condition.

    Stephanie M.

  • Love this place . Thomas.S was wonderful . He took his time for my assessment and diagnosis . Thank you

    Naga A.

  • Great staff, knowledgeable and a very clean modern facility

    Heather P.

  • Terrible unprofessional establishment.

    They dont not send required paperwork to you on time that are needed for your appointments.

    Would not waste my money here every agin

    If could give negative stars I would.

    Rob T.

  • I’ve have had back and knee issues for nearly 20 years because of hard work and sports. I have been to dozens of massage therapists and physiotherapists in the past, but this is the first time the underlying issues are being corrected and I am getting relief.

    Usual problems I’ve experienced with others is the “drive-thru” physio, where your in and out in 5 minutes with little time into understanding my issues. Concept of Movement spends the necessary time to work with me to fix the issues.

    I’d give 10 stars if I could.

    Bruce Martens is a physio wizard!!!

    Dave V.

  • I’ve had knee and hip issues for most of my life, and the best physiotherapy I’ve had after multiple surgeries has been at Concept of Movement. Nat was great at helping me to identify and correct a number of issues that were significantly impeding my quality of life. She was great, and pleasant even in otherwise uncomfortable situations. A huge thank you to Nat, and all the staff at Concept of Movement Barrie!

    Curt D.

  • My family have used CoM many times over the years for multiple injuries.

    Most recently I underwent double knee replacement surgery and with help from the trained staff at CoM, I have every confidence I will meet and exceed the recovery expectations.

    I could not reccomend a team of professionals more!

    Sandra A.

  • Tom Swales is not just a damn good physio – he is a student of the human body and of wellness in general. A wealth of information. There’s no one better!

    Andrew Z.

  • Looking for the right people these days is important for your overall health. Concept of Movement meets that critira for me the staff is very friendly they offer support and know your name which is very important for me I would highly recommend these guys to anyone and everyone.

    Crystal R.

  • The entire staff was professional, friendly and diligent on getting me back to my best with a tailored treatment plan. Not only did they get me back to pain free function, they got to the root cause of my symptoms. I would recommend COM to anyone.

    Alison H.

  • I saw Natalie and she was amazing, she was very knowledgeable about my case – pregnancy related hip pain. The exercises she gave me not only helped fix my pain but also (I have found from research) are recommended for pelvic floor workouts prior to giving birth. I will for sure be going back after baby to get back to fighting shape and fix my diastasis recti.

    Jessica M.

  • I was referred here by my family doctor after ripping my shoulder into a million pieces. The entire staff is personable and compassionate. And the reviews are accurate. All staff is clearly well-trained and accredited. I cannot thank Natalie, Laura and the rest of these awesome humans for their professionalism and high standard of care on my road to recovery. Customer for life!! 👌 😀 PS Do the acupuncture-thing! It only sucks for a moment!!


  • Amazing experience! From the moment you walk in friendly environment , very clean facility, great gym and best physiotherapist I’ve ever seen!! (I’ve unfortunately shopped around.) Thanks Again!

    Michelle M.

  • Staff is very friendly, helpful and professional. Natalie is my physiotherapist. she is very knowledgeable and very eager to help. She is very positive and always there helpful. The facility is very clean, and modern. I highly recommend Concept of Movement.

    Matilda Szotyori RDH

    Matilda S.

  • Very impressed with the combination of professionalism, empathy and multiple vectors of treatment. Not only is the goal to restore/heal whatever issue you have, it is also to educate you on how to not become injured again, if possible.

    Having said that, you will be treated as a human being with an injury, not as an injury to a human being.

    As an aside, the facility is immaculate, easy to find and parking is ample.

    Cannot recommend more highly.

    Sean K.

  • I am reluctant to trust physiotherapists due to a negative experience I had in the past. I was being treated for a cervical disc herniation, which ultimately led to a cervical fusion. I felt that some of the progression exercises I was carrying out exasperated my condition. Now, I am hypervigilant and will only partner with a physiotherapist that has superlative assessment and treatment skills. I trust Bruce 100% and also get good results. Thanks Bruce for helping me get my movement back.

    Ramona M.

  • Thank you Concept of Movement and my PT! Natalie has helped me recover from a nagging knee issue, by finding and correcting the cause. She has helped me recover from a dislocated shoulder, from a bike crash while training. It’s a good as ever in far less time than I thought. She continues to keep my muscle development balanced, to ensure peak performance in my training and racing. She has/is helping my middle son recover from a concussion, and helping my oldest develop strength properly and balanced to excel in his sports. I can’t imagine my training, my son’s recovery, or my other son’s development without the support from Natalie (my amazing PT) and Concept of Movement.

    Jason K.

  • Exceeded my expectations by a long shot!

    Kristy is very knowledgeable and professional!

    I finally have a plan in place that I’m confident about, far better than anywhere I have been before.

    The facilities are very clean and inviting and the front of house staff are extremely polite and efficient!

    Matthew B.

  • Tom and his team have been miracle workers for me. I first saw Tom shortly after a debilitating shoulder surgery. Being a high level athlete and making a career out of Martial Arts and contracting on the side, this was a huge surgery for me. It could have been the end of my career. After months of using a local physio place and my recovering getting no where, I was referred to Tom by a friend. Within a few visits, my shoulder was back to building muscle and being fully functional.

    It wasn’t just my shoulder that Tom helped me with. With his extensive knowledge, he helped me fine tune my body for my sport (high level Kickboxing and Muay Thai). It wasn’t long after my first visit to Tom that I stepped on the podium in Mexico while fighting for Team Canada! Tom not only helped with prepping me for daily life and these intense competitions, but he helped me with my battle wounds post competition and after intense training sessions. He has put me back together more times than I can count and I know I am a client for life! He truly is a miracle worker!

    Nic L.