Amanda Trebble

June 4th, 2020

Concept of Movement was highly recommended to me, by many coworkers, in a physically demanding job. Many raving about the wonderful staff, their knowledge, team work, and top notch gym. They continue to rise to the challenge. Approximately 10 days post-op the pandemic hit and the state of emergency was declared. Forcing all businesses to shut their doors. Fearful it would delay my recovery, with no ability to continue therapy after my surgery. Concept provided a seamless transition to Virtual Therapy immediately following the Covid-19 shut down. Tom, Dax and Kevin have continued to provide me with the therapy and movement I need to have a 100% recovery from ACL surgery all from the comfort of my home. They adapted my therapy to using the equipment I have in my home. Entertained and laughed with my two young children who occasionally popped in to say ‘Hi’. My progression in therapy never felt like it stopped, even though the rest of world had. I can’t wait to return to in person appointments and see all the amazing staff at Concept. Knowing there always thinking of their patients first, I would highly recommend Concept of Movement to everyone.