Virtual Service For Physiotherapy

At Concept of Movement we pride ourselves in offering our patients the latest technologies to help you achieve your outcomes.

We can help clients from the comfort of their home or workplace with an easy and secure video call. Save the time, hassle, and expense of traveling to our physical location! 

Via our secure video conferencing platform our registered physiotherapists are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in assessing human movement and can treat effectively by teaching clients how to use tools for soft tissue and joint work and complement it with the most effective exercises and movement strategies to get you better FAST.

We can check in on how your body is moving, provide advice and education on the best options for you at this time, provide exercise programs and ergonomic assessments, and hopefully bring you some RELIEF during this difficult time.

To Book an Appointment:

Active patients of Concept of Movement can conveniently book online appointments through the client portal feature. If you have not received your access code to book online appointments, please call or email the office to set up.

For New Patients, Book an Initial Assessment with one of our Registered Physiotherapists. Please give us a call and we will set an appointment time that works with your schedule.

  • Follow the Step by Step instructions that will be sent to you in a personal e-mail to sign in to our virtual clinic to get your session started.  Additional instructions can be found here.
  • Following your initial assessment, a treatment plan will be sent to you outlining the best ways to manage your condition and exercise solutions.
  • Review the Plan with your Therapist to put things into action to embark on your journey to optimal well being. Cue up your follow up visits to meet your goals.

Physiotherapy can make a difference in your ability to live an active, healthy lifestyle. We will provide you with a focused treatment plan based on research-guided techniques that speed up your recovery while educating you about your condition to reduce the risk of relapse. For more information, request an appointment from Concept of Movement today!