Be treated like a pro! Locally owned and operated
A Young Person Sports Injury Clinic too!
We educate and teach you how to move better
Extended one on one treatment times (30-60min)
Advanced Focus On Movement Patterns
Achieving Greater Performance Through Mindful Rehab


Welcome to Concept of Movement

Concept of Movement is one of Barrie's premier multi-disciplinary centre’s offering physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, athletic therapy, sports conditioning and other health services. We are centrally located  on the corner of Bradford Street and Vespra Street within 4,000 sq.ft. of new office space including a large private gym and private treatment offices.

Massage Therapy improves muscle function through the manipulation of soft tissue and joints of the body for therapeutic purposes to promote healing

Acupuncture is an ancient, safe and effective alternative to medication. It stimulates the release of endorphins – through the insertion of needles . . .

Painful and Tender Muscles: Dry Needling Can Reduce Myofascial Pain Related to Trigger Points Muscles

  • " Concept of Movement is a full scale Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Centre built with passion by the energetic duo of Tom and Kylee Swales. These two and the team of professionals who have joined them will help you to enjoy your daily life again and educate you on the best possible way to stay... "

  • " Walking, running, crawling, balancing, jumping, climbing, carrying, lifting, throwing, catching. You were born to move naturally – but do you? And how well? Learn the MovNat natural movement system & skills and how to train them for efficiency... "


  • " Physiotherapists have advanced knowledge of how the body moves, what keeps it from moving well and how to restore mobility... "


  • " Physiotherapy is a drug free health care practice... "